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Ginseng Root American - Ginseng Root American - 1 oz, (Starwest Botanicals) $8.70
Ginseng Root American - Ginseng Root American - 4 oz, (Starwest Botanicals) $18.70
Gin Zing 500mg - Gin Zing 500mg - 60 caps, (Olympian Labs) China has supportive records detailing the use of Ginseng for medicinal purposes in the Qin and Han Dynasties (221BC - 220 AD) and according to Li Shizhen’s outline of Herb Medicine, written in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Ginseng can “build up health, ease nerves, brighten eyes, develop intelligence and lengthen life”... $19.01
American Ginseng - American Ginseng - Boosts Energy Levels, 30 tabs, (GSL Technology) Premium American Ginseng Extract comes from the Ginseng family of plants that have been for over 2000 years to help improve mental and physical performance... $2.25
American Ginseng - American Ginseng - 1 oz, (Kroeger Herb) Stimulant, adaptogen, mild stomach tonic... $9.66
American Ginseng Extracts Organic - American Ginseng Extracts Organic - 1 oz, (Oregon's Wild Harvest) $8.28
SFP American Ginseng Root Extract - SFP American Ginseng Root Extract - Helps maintain many aspects of health and wellness, 60 Vcaps, (Solgar) For thousands of years, herbs have been used to help maintain many aspects of health and wellness... $17.98
Ginseng-American - Ginseng-American - 2 oz, (Health Herbs) Ginseng is an adaptogen, alterative, and stimulant... $20.21
Wild American Ginseng Caps - Wild American Ginseng Caps - 80 caps, (Root To health) Discontinued - .. $31.97
Hsu's American Ginseng Root From Wisconsin - 35 ct, (Root To health) American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolium) is considered and adaptogen and general tonic... $1.61